Cal Bovera are a privileged place for the discovery of the nice and unknow Vall del Corb. In this valley you’ ll can find a big diversity  de cultural samples from the  romanic to the gothic  with castles, monasterys and very nices places.

The house is placed in the entry of the village, at the suburb of the maedieval village of  Guimerà.

Here you are a list of someones activities and places of cultural interest which you can find in Guimerà and the nearests villages:

Guimerà, 7th-8th August

  • Medieval Market: Street fair, spectacles, games malabars, acrobatic, games with fire, representations for children, market of artisans products  and old offices, visits guided by the village, view of the Vall del Corb from the guard tower, route with the maedieval chariot and representations of the history of Guimera through time…


Agramunt, 9-12th October:

La Fuliola:




  • Golf Pitch & Putt
  • Circuit of motocros


Feast of oil: First sunday of december

La Ruta del Cister

Ivars Lake

Weeklys Markets

  • Monday morning in Tàrrega.
  • Tuesday  morning in  Bellpuig.
  • Wednesday morning in Agramunt and Mollerussa.
  • Saturday morning in Balaguer.